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Getting to Know You - Day 8

Day 08 – A moment, in great detail

A moment. Just one. In a day filled both with stress and excitement, it's hard to pick.

I'll from this morning. I'm sitting on the corner of the couch, doing my morning ritual of email, google reader, facebook, etc. I'm still groggy, because honestly, I am not a morning person, but I have to be awake because I'm taking the kids to school. It's Wednesday, so that means getting to school by 7:45, because Alicia is part of the Ambassador program and needs to be there early for duties. I haven't gotten dressed yet - the plan is to throw on something sloppy and then shower when I get back - and the kids are finishing up their breakfast. They're very good at fending for themselves in the morning. They're both early risers, and sometimes Craig is, but I am never. They've learned to take care of things themselves, including making coffee for us, but since they know Craig is on a clear liquid diet right now (long story short, he presented with appendicitis symptoms, we spent 7 hours in the ER yesterday to no avail, and he was put on a clear liquid regimen just to be safe), they've only made half a pot since I'll be the only to drink it today.

So I'm sitting there, and I realize...I haven't heard Craig yet. He managed to sleep upstairs last night, after being in so much pain the night before and not being able to, and I'd left him in bed when I came downstairs. But I'm beginning to think I have to go up and throw some clothes on when it dawns on me, I hadn't even checked him before coming down. I didn't want to disturb him. And I can't hear anybody moving around upstairs.

And for a split second, I panic. Because what if it really was appendicitis and it ruptured in his sleep? What if he's up there now, passed out or worse? What kind of wife am I that I didn't even check to make sure he was comfortable before coming down?

My thoughts go a hundred different ways in the space of that second. I feel awful. I'm terrified. Because nothing can happen to Craig. He's my rock. I've already informed him he's not allowed to die first. And yes, when I'm tired and panicky, my negative thoughts go into overdrive.

I'm about to go running upstairs when I suddenly hear our bed squeak. It's directly over the living room couch, my end of it. I hear the weight of his first step as he gets up. And I feel a little silly for having overreacted, even for a second. But more, I'm relieved that he's okay, and apparently, got a decent night's sleep for a change.

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