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Getting to Know You - Day 2

Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail

Does this mean the first relationship I identified as love? Or the first adult relationship I had? For me, they're not the same thing...

When I think of first love, I think of Jeff O. We were both seven when we met. I was the new girl in the small rural school I now attended, and his family was one of the most prominent farming families in the area. I was shy, too smart for my own good, and overly independent and mature for my age. My parents had only recently divorced, and my mother had moved us from Phoenix to Michigan to live with my grandmother. As the oldest of four children, it was my job to be the strong one. It always had been.

Jeff was the youngest of seven. His parents were still married, and he had a loving, stable home, far different from my own. For whatever reason, he gravitated to me from the very first day. I still don't know why. He and his best friend Cliff began chasing me at recess, teasing me into playing tag with them when nobody else had yet befriended me. Our "relationship" grew as second graders' relationships do - through cat and mouse games that eventually draw the two participants closer and closer. By the end of the school year, Jeff and I were a "couple." That continued all the way through fifth grade.

Four years is a long time when you're in elementary school.

Jeff was a gentleman, through and through. I remember once being at the small farmer's market in town, standing at the register with my mom as she paid for something. Jeff walked in with his dad, saw me there, and immediately whipped off his baseball cap to smile at me and say, "Ladies are present." Every year, his family hosted a hayride in the fall for our class, and I would spend the day at his side, helping him and his family when it came time for lunch, holding hands under the hay when we were in the wagon for the actual ride, surprising him when I could get all of his feral barn cats to come to me with barely any coaxing. He was never put off by the fact that I was smarter than he was, or that my home life was such a shambles compared to his. He made elementary school bearable.

It all ended in sixth grade when two new girls moved to our area - Janice and Dana. They hadn't known each other before moving, but being new together gave them a bond, and they became the "it" girls. They were also first-class, grade-A bitches - mean, bullying anybody they thought lesser than them, physically aggressive on occasion. Unfortunately, they were both also gorgeous and pros at making themselves appear the victim. Janice set her sights for Jeff. The poor guy never stood a chance.

Jeff taught me there really are good guys out there, and that it's okay to buck against the crowd if your intentions are good. Even though sixth grade sucked, and I felt like I'd had my heart ripped out when I saw him following her around like a puppy dog (until she dumped less than a month after she broke us up), I have only positive memories of him. Today, he's married to the girl he started dating in high school, a smart, athletic popular girl who I could have hated but didn't because she was so nice. They were the couple my senior class voted most likely to stay together. I sincerely hope he's happy. I like to think he is. :)

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