Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Concrete poured

So yesterday, the concrete got poured...

This is the new path that has been put down the side of the house to get to the gate that leads into the back yard. Nothing fancy, though all those plants you see in front of it are getting ripped out when we get back from the UK. We have always hated them, and since it's all getting rebarked, we're taking the opportunity to rid ourselves of them once and for all.

When you open the gate, this is what you see now. Those dirt openings are where my planters are getting built up, and Craig's shed will be on the concrete on the right.

Which leads us to the back...

Standing on the opposite side of the house, this is now the long view of the rear, angling toward the retaining wall. It just kind of gives you an idea of the overall size of the thing.

This angle runs along the rear of the house and has the closest color match. The color isn't done. Right now it's a flat terra cotta, but another shade of terra cotta will get mixed in with it today to give a variegated effect. It's also getting a clear gloss at some point. Not sure when.

This gives you a better perspective on the overall curvy pattern in the patio.

And Craig's firepit, one step closer to completion...
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