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I've flat out caught the cold that slowed the kid down last week. I was getting stuffy on Saturday off and on, then yesterday was pretty consistently stuff but at least functional. I went to bed early for me - 11:30 - and then proceeded to toss and turn until Craig came to bed at 2:15. I hadn't taken Nyquil because when I laid down, I could breathe. However, that changed once I dozed off, and I had stupid scary dreams that I usually get when I'm fevered and sick. So, rather than keep Craig up, I took some Nyquil and moved to the couch downstairs...where I remembered I was supposed to write a blog for Liquid Silver today. Oops. So being awake was a good thing, but wouldn't you know it, the stupid Nyquil never really kicked in. I finally fell sleep at 4:30, but slept terribly. And now I'm just trying to get through the day.

I really, really, really hate being sick. /whine

The Emmys last night were fun. I wasn't going to watch, but then Pepper said the opening number was great, so I decided to record it. Color me entertained.

No new pictures of the backyard today. Craig took some on Saturday night, but they're boring, since they spent most of the day digging the trenches for the new gas and electric lines. All the weeds are gone, though. Those were gone in less than two hours. Craig and I felt incredibly lazy when we saw how quickly they did it. We made ourselves feel better by saying they're professionals. :D
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