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Before pictures on the backyard

So in anticipation of the work getting done in the backyard over the next week or two, I'm going to take pictures of the process (read: Craig will take pictures and I will post them :D) to share. To start it all off, before shots...

Okay, first of all, to give you an idea of the layout. This is the original plan from before we bought the house. We have a corner lot, so it's big, and the drawing has got the measurements written on it.

The left side of the drawing is the part of the garden where the pool will get put in next year. It's a nice big patch of ground, and it gets the most consistent amount of sun. It is currently, however, a jungle and storage for the men's tools...

This is the reverse angle, looking toward the rear of the property.

Now, standing in that upper left corner, you can see our fence with our neighbor runs 100 feet to the angled retaining wall that separates us from the house in the court behind us. And look, more jungle..

This is the reverse angle, standing at the fence on the right side of the property.

Along the right side of the property, Craig's going to have his shed, we're going to store the bins and such, and I'm going to have planters built for vegetable gardens where you can see the sun currently hitting in the picture. But right now, all we're growing is weeds...

We are going simple and functional with our back yard. Craig hates mowing, and I don't blame him. We also live directly across from the park (and I mean directly across, on the left side of the design sketch is the road, and the park is right there), so the back yard does not have to be our kids' primary playspace. So there's no grass going in. At all. We're getting a massive concrete patio, with a six-foot bed that runs around the fence, widening in portions to allow for fruit trees. Between the fruit trees, we're getting a fire pit that is plumbed into our gas line, with ample seating space around it. Like I mentioned, they're also building my garden planters and the pallet for Craig's shed/workroom, as well as staining the fence.

Because we don't want the pool area to look awful compared to it, and knowing we'll just be tearing it all up over there next spring anyway, we're going cheap on that side of the house. We're just going to bark it all up, so there will be a place for Lucy to roam if she wants, and the kids to play, too if they want.

As for plants, we're going shopping this weekend. Craig has upped our fruit trees to five - orange, persimmon, lemon, apple, and avocado. We're making features of the orange and persimmon trees like we planned, while the other three will fit easily in the beds.

One thing we're doing ourselves once it's all done is putting a swing/arbor feature in along the back fence. We've already picked out the spot. It also means we can get this gorgeous slate we'd seen (but with as big as our back yard is, didn't want to use all over because man, it was expensive) to frame/underlay it. I'm really looking forward to that part.
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