Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Merlin fic

I haven't tried venturing yet into longer Merlin fics. I don't want to get sucked in to stories I don't have time to read, not when I have other commitments that need to be completed first. But I am reading shorter pieces, ficlets mostly, and have found a couple that remind me why I love fanfiction.

1. And love is a tired sympthony by dollsome.

This is future!fic, Arthur/Gwen and Gwen/Lancelot, that made my heart ache. Rated PG, 1500 words

2. The Merciful by shantirosa

One of my dirty!wrong pairings is Morgana/Uther. I think it's because she acts so much like she's already queen of the castle, and Uther lets her get away with crap he doesn't let anybody else. But this, this is dark and eerie and sexy. Uther dreaming of Morgana. Rated R, 725 words.
Tags: fanfic, merlin, pimping

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