Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So, Alex's appointment went well yesterday. The doctor is happy with the tests and mostly okay with his chest xrays. The xray showed mild weakness on one side of his lungs, nothing to worry about too much but it means keeping him on the inhaler for now. This will get evaluated again in three months.

I'm slowly catching up on the TV I missed while I was visiting Pepper. Tonight is two eps of Leverage, but the past couple days have had us watching 3 eps of Being Human. I swear, I could stare at Aidan Turner all day. Every time the show starts, I'm struck all over again by just how pretty, pretty, pretty the man is. Plus, Mitchell kills me. I only wished I liked George and Annie more. I can take them in small doses, but more than that, and I want to gouge my eyes and ears out. All the whining...
Tags: alex, being human

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