Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Yesterday was such a busy day, though not in any kind of creative way. We finally, FINALLY, had our meeting with a guy who's going to do our back yard. It's been a sandy weed wasteland for almost a year. Only Lucy goes back there. But that should be all changed soon, though there's a bit of work to be done. Over 2200 square feet of concrete to be poured for the patio, a fire pit built, garden beds built, trees/plants planted, and the whole side where we want to get a pool next year barked out to at least make it a playable area for the kids in the interim. Whew. A lot of work. I'm glad I'm not doing it.

We also did a ton of cleaning and have more on the agenda today. Plus, I absolutely have to finish this book today. I'm now 3 weeks overdue. I started working last night after all the house stuff was done, but then we got hit by news. I got a message from a friend on Facebook, one of Craig's oldest friends in the world (they've known each other for 30 years), asking me to tell Craig that he and his wife had split up. Craig and I were both shocked as they've been together for literally decades, since they 11 or 12, and married for 20 years. It's always disconcerting to hear about people you thought you knew well acting in odd/uncharacteristic ways, and we spent a lot of time talking last night after he chatted with his friend. It's saddening, too. A lot of pain and anger going around in that family. They deserve better than this.

So now, I'm going to get away from the lure of LJ and get back to the project that absolutely has to be finished today. Days like this make me wonder if it's all worth it, lol.
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