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So that contract mix-up yesterday? I got an email this morning saying the missing pages were found, so now I don't have to resend. Kind of nice to be vindicated in the end, lol.

There's a 4-page spread about Merlin's 3rd season in the new SFX magazine that has me bouncing like a silly fangirl. I had gotten a little depressed about it all yesterday (though it certainly wasn't helped by my mood). See, when I ran running headfirst into Buffy fanfic, I knew nothing about fandoms. I knew nothing about fic. I didn't have a clue about politics, or characterization wars, or shipper wars, or BNFs. I just wrote in my little Spuffy corner what I wanted to read, and was grateful other people seemed to like it.

It's different this time around. Being aware has added a wariness to my approach I don't like. I'd much rather be oblivious, because then I just wouldn't care, but I'm not. Plus, there's the added weight of actual legend/myth involved in the characters. So the fact that I'm probably an Arthur/Gwen shipper at heart is complicated by the very intrusion of Lancelot, and the knowledge that at some time in the future Gwen will betray her marriage in some way. It's not like the Buffy comics where I can just ignore them and say, "You know what? My canon ends with the show. The comics are just officially sanctioned fanfic and I can ignore them as much as I want to." These are circumstances even I (as someone completely uninterested in the Arthurian legend prior to this show) was aware of. It's a lot harder to let it go and just rewrite the relationships the way I want to.

Which is a lot of words to say I'm floundering on my A/G prompt that I signed up for. See, someone wanted Arthur/Gwen with "Falling Slowly" lyrics as inspiration. A song I LOVE. However, I'm the first person to say I'm an idiot about paying attention to lyrics. It's more about the tune and emotional aspects of the performance that get to me. So the whole poignancy of the latter half of the song, where it's obvious they are just bumping in the night this once, taking a valuable lesson from it and then moving on stronger with the rest of their lives, makes me sad when I think of it in conjunction with Arthur and Gwen. I don't want them sad. I want to focus on the first half of the song where these strangers stumble into each other and then fall in love. Would that be so bad of me to do in this fic? The prompter didn't add any other details, and I would think that if she wanted Lancelot a factor it would have been mentioned, especially since there were other prompts that did include him.


I don't know. Maybe. I have a little bit of time to decide, though not much. Today, I must focus on writing the climax of this story that's overdue for publication. I have to finish it this weekend. I really do.
Tags: fanfic, life, merlin

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