Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I have been bad about posting this past week, but it's been a tough one. For whatever reason, I've had the worst sinus pain for the past week or so, enough that it's knocking me out midday with fatigue. Nothing is really helping it, though it seems to have abated mildly in the past 24 hours. What's worse is that I'm set to fly to SLC tomorrow, so I called my doctor this morning to see if I can get in and find out if this is a sinus infection coming on the heels of whatever throat thing I had going on when I worried about catching Alex's strep. No appointment available, but they are the nicest people and when they heard I was flying, she told me to come in and they'd work me in somehow. Fingers crossed I can get an antibiotic that will make me human again.

Then when I get back, it's getting ready for my trip tomorrow. I have to get everything done today since Craig's taking me straight to the airport after we drop the kids off at school. It'll be a few hours of waiting, but I can get some work done hopefully, and then sleep on the short flight.
Tags: life

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