Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The state of life and fic

Believe it or not, my kids are back in school. Yesterday was their first day. Alicia came home with homework (much to her chagrin), and Alex is thrilled with his new teacher. She's lovely. I already like her better than last year's. Craig's trip got postponed from last week to this, so he's currently in Ohio and will return Wednesday evening. Then, in two weeks, I'm getting my solo vacation of the year and going off to visit pepperlandgirl4 for a week. I'll get a whole six weeks off from traveling then, since we're going to the UK for 10 days in the fall. The MIL's health has improved, but traveling to the US for her is still impossible. So on the chance they can't make it at Christmastime, we're going to them first.

My Merlin addiction deepens. I swear to God, I did not see this coming. Neither did Pepper. She thought I'd enjoy it, but I've managed to escape obsessions before, even if I like certain shows. It all comes down to Arthur, though. Arthur triggers issues in me, all my issues with trust. And I have a real, real, real soft spot for men who extend that kind of blind faith in the romantic ideals they hold true. Like Spike and love. It's Arthur and honor, and I just ache for this character in ways I haven't others.

I'm in the middle of a novel that requires completion, however, and another one due in a few months, so I'm shying away from any kind of long fic any time soon. I'm going to satisfy my craving with shorter things, so I decided to go through unfulfilled prompts over at kinkme_merlin, starting with the oldest and working my way forward. Not doing all of them, of course, but writing the first that catches my eye (and that I know I can do short, lol). The first one is Merlin/Arthur, and while this isn't my ship (I think in my heart I'm an Arthur/Gwen girl), I love Arthur enough to be able to commit to it for individual ideas.

As for my schmoop_bingo card, I've learned I struggle way too much with it, lol. I'm going to do the last two spots for my bingo line, and then freeform. But my last two are going to be BtVS fics, not Merlin. I've already started one (Spuffy, woo hoo!), so that should be up this week some time. Not sure about the other, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
Tags: btvs, fic, life, merlin

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