Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

New crushes

I admitted the other day that I have a new celebrity crush. And I do mean new, like within the past couple weeks. Bradley James, who plays Arthur on BBC's Merlin:

I do not know what it is about this guy. He's got this overbite, and those lips, and isn't what I would think of as my usual type at all. And yet, I'm so hooked.

Hooked enough to be seriously considering the Merlin fandom. Hooked enough to be watching a prompt community on the hypothetical possibility I write fic. Pepper won't talk me out of it because she wants me in there with her, though honestly, I don't ship the pairing she does. In fact, it looks like I'd probably be in an incredible minority for the ships that do interest me.


I hate being torn like this. I love the idea of jumping into a new fandom (though I'll be the first to admit it is nothing like I felt for BtVS, most of my adoration is around this damn actor, lol). But I have responsibilities. And if I write fic, it should really be about my last BtVS WIP, not new stuff.


Maybe I'll just stare at the pretty.
Tags: bradley james, merlin

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