Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I've written my first fic for schmoop_bingo, but I've realized that I'm just not that good at pure schmoop most of the time, lol. I think it's not helped that I decided my first bingo is going to be 5 connected fics, Wes/Faith, post-Chosen. There's a lot of baggage there that is prevalent in the fic I did. My hope is that by the time I get to the third, I can be past most of that and be more obviously schmoopy.

Then, once I've done this bingo (just a horizontal line), I'm getting a new card and going to try to do the same thing with a different pairing, probably Spuffy at that point. It's easier for me if I can explore a small arc, I think.

But first, I need pepperlandgirl4 to get online so she can read my first fic and convince me I don't suck from not doing this for so long. :P
Tags: fic

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