Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Life is good

Good day yesterday. We went and saw Shrek 4 with friends, which was a blast. Shrek's mid-life crisis was a lot better than whatever happened in #3 (because for the life of me I cannot remember it even though I know we watched it, lol). I got a lot of work done, too, and spent some fun time just chatting and hanging out with the mom of Alicia's friend.

Today, Craig is taking the kids strawberry picking with those same friends while I get peace and quiet at home. He gives the best presents! :) I plan on having berries coming out of my ears. I like having them in the freezer for when they're obscenely expensive to buy, lol.

Oh, and if there are people on my flist who like to read slash or m/m...Pepper and I do giveaways every other week on our Jamie Craig LJ. Today's the last day to comment to win a copy of Shawn Lane's "Only His Heart," an m/m novella about a male nurse and an ER doctor. Just pop on over for a chance to win.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!
Tags: life

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