Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol Finale

I got spoiled, which is my own fault because silly me thought a writing blog in my Google reader was safe. Though at least I didn't have to get my hopes up by watching the show, I guess. But still. I'm annoyed. I mean, I know why Lee won. And I can see the benefits of Crystal coming in second. It's the reason I was okay with Adam getting 2nd last year. She'll have more freedom now, and honestly, Lee is the one who needs the win more.

But you know, it pisses me off that the person with *clearly* the more talent and more polish didn't win. Last year, part of why I was happy with Kris winning was because he was good, too. He was just different from Adam. Safer for America. But not this year. I've liked Lee this year, and I do think he was a solid choice to be in the finale (considering there was so much mediocre talent this year), but he's just not in the same league as Crystal. Kris and Adam were both solid, even if I did prefer Adam.

He's not.

Yes. I'm bitter. I'm trying not to be. *focusonthepositive*
Tags: american idol

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