Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 2

1. Lee (The Boxer) - Did he rearrange this even more since the first time he performed it? I remember like it the first time, but this...felt too different, and didn't seem to have the same passion it did the first time.

2. Crystal (Me and Bobby Magee) - Not surprised she picked this song at all. It's one of those performances she builds and builds and just explodes. Miles better than Lee.

3. Lee (Everybody Hurts) - I think this was a great song selection for Lee. It suits his voice very well, but while it was solid enough, I just wasn't blown away like I expected to be. Better than the first one, though.

4. Crystal (Black Velvet) - She sounded breathless in the beginning, like she was struggling just to catch it. But this was another great song choice, so perfect for her voice. And she proved there at the end that she really can belt with the best of them if she wants to. She is really on her game tonight.

5. Lee (Beautiful Day) - I love this song, but you know, I didn't even recognize it in the beginning. And then when he hit the chorus...I don't think this one did him any favors at all. The song just seemed to lack all the nuances that make it gorgeous.

6. Crystal (Up to the Mountain) - Her most vulnerable performance ever. Enough said.

If Crystal doesn't win, something is seriously wrong. She was MILES better than Lee tonight. MILES.
Tags: american idol

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