Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

New iPad cover

So my cover for my iPad came yesterday. And I have pictures to share. :)

So I wanted something sturdy, yet pretty. So I opted for this one from M-Edge. Since I have a tendency to buy too much stuff in red - laptop bags, winter coats, etc. - I opted for something different and got the muted purple. It's very pretty.


And yes, that's a red couch in the background, lol. I told you I love red.

It's heavily padded and lined on the inside, too, with pockets if I want to keep stuff in there. I have a few extra wipes to periodically clean the screen off in there right now.

The nice thing about it, beyond the fact that there's a strap along the back I can slide my hand through to hold it steady while using, is the fact that I can even stand it up if I want to.

Tags: ipad, life

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