Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 4

1. Lee - I love Jamie Foxx. He's pushing these guys like they need to be. I loved seeing him get in Lee's face. I love "Kiss on a Rose" to pieces, and though it felt like a Lee performance, it lacked the nuancing and shading that makes this song so gorgeous. Some notes felt like they'd been flattened to accommodate Lee's voice, and it didn't do the song any favors.

2. Mike - I loved the beginning of Mike's performance, but it never felt big enough for the chorus, not in comparison to where the beginning was. He was solid vocally, and I was far more interested in him than I was Lee's, but he's done better, too.

3. Lee & Crystal - I squeaked when Ryan said what the song was. I love "Falling Slowly" soooooooooooo much. And you know what? It was magical. These two are the top two, hands down. Lee is phenomenal when he's in his zone, and well, you know how much I love Crystal. These two blended perfectly, being individuals without overpowering the other. Wonderful.

4. Casey - This is either a very deliberate play to appeal to the older women, or Casey isn't very bright at all in choosing this song. I fear that even though it's an all right performance, he's going to take a lot of flack about song choice. And yep, there it is.

5. Crystal - What an odd song choice, though I understand her urge to just have fun, and this certainly fits her vibe. Not nearly as good as the duet, but certainly the best of the individual performances.

6. Casey & Mike - Now *this* is a much smarter song choice. It's better suited for both guys, and though it lacked the wow of Lee and Crystal's performance, it certainly bolstered Casey and Mike's individual statuses.

Favorite of the night - Crystal. Best individual and half of the best duet.

Bottom two for me - Probably Mike and Casey.

Who do I think will go? I honestly don't know. Mike or Casey. Push me, I think it'll be Mike, but Casey won't be a surprise, either.
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