Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol results

1. I loved having Harry Connick as a mentor. He was so into it, and he seemed to really give great advice to everybody.

2. I caved and listened to the medley for a change. Usually it makes me cringe, but...Frank!

3. Yes. I've loved Harry Connick since When Harry Met Sally came out. Bought the soundtrack, fell in love, and still adore him.

4. Crap. Is Crystal in the bottom two? She better not go. If she is, I'm done watching this season.

5. Oh god. I was so scared there., how on earth is Casey not in the bottom two?

6. Okay, Aaron can go now. I'm good with that.

7. Whew. There is some justice. I'm much happier now.
Tags: american idol

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