Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Twenty-four hours from now I'll be in a hotel next to the airport, so I can catch a 6am flight on Tuesday to Ohio. I spent the day doing laundry so everyone will be set for the week I'm gone, but I'm not packed yet. That comes tomorrow. I have to pack an extra case just in case I end up having too much swag for my suitcase. This convention is notorious for all the free stuff, most of which include books. The last time I went, I went home with almost twenty free books, not to mention all the pens and various promo the authors provided. It's insane.

I suppose I could always turn down the free books. I certainly have enough here at home. But...I just don't see that happening, lol. Free is like the magic word, and when you put it with book? Irresistible.

My antibiotics are working better, though I do have the occasional bout of nausea. It wasn't helped by the heat today, that's for sure. It was in the 80s here, which we just weren't prepared for. Another cool snap is supposed to come through so we don't want to turn the a/c on yet, but I have a feeling it will be happening soon after I get back.
Tags: life

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