Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Another insane Saturday, but thankfully, the new drug I got from the doctor yesterday isn't creating nasty side effects. Yay for drugs that don't make you feel worse than the disease!

Went shopping with Alicia yesterday - summer stuff for her and shoes for me. I needed a pair of dressy flats or sandals for the dressy dress I'm taking with me to Ohio next week. Oh, I forgot to mention that. I fly to Columbus obscenely early Tuesday morning for the RT convention, and will be there for a week. Don't expect an AI recap, because I can't guarantee I'll be able to watch it. Hopefully, I'll figure out an internet solution while I'm there.

Oh, and about tv...I'm so glad Seth Aaron won! I love his stuff, I have from the start. I told Craig I want a Seth Aaron coat for Christmas. :D

And now I really must get dressed and get ready to go out for a day of ball games. Alicia gets to pitch again today. She's excited about that. This will only be her second time, but she got to pitch an inning in the last game and managed 1 strikeout and no runs in her time on the mound. Not too shabby for her division. Most of the pitchers are still learning control and girls get walked at least half the time, lol.
Tags: alicia, cons, life

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