Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Car advice

So Craig and I have come to the conclusion we should get a new family car. Currently, I drove a 2003 minivan, that we bought used when we moved over here, and it's reached a point that if we don't trade it in soon, it won't be worth trading it in at all. Craig drives a 2006 Mazda, so whatever we get needs to be able to tow his boat, which means SUV or minivan. I don't want another minivan at this point. When he asked my criteria, I only had two.

1. I want American. I'm feeling ridiculously patriotic and want to support American carmakers at this point.

2. I would prefer to get a hybrid, if only to help the environment in a little way.

So at this point, without doing any test driving yet (which we will), we're leaning toward the Ford Escape Hybrid Limited. Does anybody out there own a hybrid of any sort? Do you have any words of advice or wisdom you'd be willing to share? I'd like to go into test drives as informed as possible, so anything you can offer, I'd greatly appreciate.
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