Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol elimination

1. I can't even watch the group number anymore. It's just too painful.

2. Well, at least they didn't beat around the bush with Andrew. That makes a nice change.

3. Except Aaron's safe. Damn.

4. Really not impressed with the Justin guy singing with Brooke.

5. And you know, having Adam perform reminds me just how weak this year really is all over again. He's just a master at the show. Even if people don't like his voice, they can't deny that he knows how to create a spectacle.

6. Tim is safe. I'm surprisingly not as bothered by that as I thought I'd be.

7. Ryan better be saying Michael wasn't in the bottom three this week.

8. I can't say that I'm surprised Katie's going. She just hasn't had the charm people expected her to have.
Tags: american idol

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