Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 9 redux

I can't believe Adam is mentoring already, lol. Though I do think it's funny he's doing it on Elvis night.

1. Crystal Bowersox - I love how she really played up the gospel tones to this, and still managed to rock it out. There was a few wavery notes when she slowed it down, but those smoothed out almost immediately. Rock solid as always.

2. Andrew Garcia - I have to say, I hate the way this was slowed down. Adam nailed it when he said it was boring. I'm going to bet it turns a lot of people off.

3. Tim Urban - This is one of my favorite Elvis songs ever. It's just so damn pretty. I think that's why I liked this as much as I did. Not better than Crystal, not in a million years, but one of Tim's better performances.

4. Lee Dewyze - A solid performance from Lee. His vocals were great this week, but there just never felt like there was any kind of build to the song.

5. Aaron Kelly - If the singer is having doubts if the song is right for them, that should be a sign for them that the SONG IS WRONG FOR YOU. I want Aaron to be done. I'm so bored with him. Kara is just high in her response, lol.

6. Siobhan Magnus - As much as I love Siobhan, I did not like the first 2/3's of this song. She didn't really come to life until she switched it up and belted it out. Though I do love how she takes the criticism and then turns it around to make herself sound even more with it.

7. Michael Lynche - Oh, I think this would be a great song choice for him. I want him to knock it out. And it was wonderful. Understated and heartfelt. Maybe not the most charismatic performance, but so damn real.

8. Katie Stevens - The vocals were definitely solid, but I got the whole vibe of wind-up doll from her tonight. Like..."Oh, I have to cross here on this lyric" and "I should point here." Too choreographed and fake.

9. Casey James - If you've been given the pimp spot, why wouldn't you do a real showstopper of a number? I thought it was a good song choice for him, but not for the competition. There just wasn't a ton to do vocally, and it...kind of bored me.

1. Crystal
2. Michael
3. Lee

1. Andrew
2. Aaron
3. Katie

I think Andrew is a given, since two will be going. The other spot? I'll say Aaron, if only because there are only three girls left and Katie's vocals were more solid.
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