Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol elimination

1. Shocking results? Oy.

2. I hate how they're lip synching all the numbers this season. It hurts to watch.

3. These Ford commercials get worse every week.

4. God, he's going to do the group thing. I hate these.

5. Oh, so maybe it's not exactly like it. That's okay then. I can live with this, especially since Crystal and Siobhan are both safe.

6. I can't say I'm impressed by this Jason Derullo (sp?). But since the show is all about promotion, I can't really fault Kara for getting her guy up there.

7. Well, if I have to be subjected to David Archuleta again, at least it's with Imagine. But man, he's growing up. His voice has certainly matured, too.

8. Damn. *Now* he's doing the damn group thing.

9. I think Ryan is playing it backwards and Tim isn't in the bottom three this week. The big shocker could be Mike and Aaron in the bottom three. Because I just can't see Casey in the bottom three yet.

10. Mike surprises me a lot here. Though it's a relief to see Aaron there.

11. Oh, crap. Andrew and Mike in the bottom two? Andrew's got to be going home. If it's Mike, the judges will save him. No doubt about it.

12. There is no way the judges won't save Mike. No way.

13. Of course, next week, they'll lose two. His fans better get voting.
Tags: american idol

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