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American Idol, top 9

1. Aaron Kelly - Long and Winding Road? Really? Didn't anybody tell him Archuleta did that? Oh, and much better. Those few notes are just painful. Anyway, he's already having to endure the Archie comparisons this season. I just don't understand why he'd risk the comparison, especially when this was one of Archie's better performances on the show. And he picked the song because he's been trying so long and now he's gotten to this point? Really? He's 17. Get a clue, kid.

2. Katie Stevens - I've always found her a little bland, but her response to the prom question was a good one. This just might be her best vocal yet. This was delicate, nuanced, and heartfelt. This is the level of performance we should have been seeing her all along. I think she's bought herself more time with this one, definitely.

3. Andrew Garcia - It's so hard to believe they all think he's got the most personality, because I've been on Simon's side regarding him lately. But this was more charged than we've seen from him in a while, and I actually liked the arrangement. More than Simon did, that's for sure.

4. Mike Lynche - I had doubts when he said what he was singing, but as soon as he stepped past the strings, he had me. It did start to wander to too much of the same, until he hit the chorus and changed up the energy. I loved this. My favorite so far.

5. Crystal Bowersox - After hearing what everybody else had to say about her, I love her even more. She is so damn real, and honestly, this is the kind of woman I'd want Alicia to look up to in celebrity. As for her performance, she's just in such a different league than everybody else. She knows how to build a song, her vocals are always impeccable, and she's just utter professionalism. This was amazing.

6. Tim Urban - I hate admitting I understand why this guy has fans. Even choosing this song, typifies it, for some reason. And oh, look, they styled his hair like them, too. Know what else I hate to admit? This wasn't atrocious. It's not great, don't get me wrong, but...he's done worse.

7. Casey James - Gee, the playboy. How not a surprise, lol. What an interesting song choice for him. I'm not sure I would have thought of this at all for him, but he really worked it. It was soulful and oddly tender. He does the ballads really well, though I fully recognize I could be responding to such a pretty guy being so emotional in the songs, lol.

8. Siobhan Magnus - I love Siobhan's quirkiness, and honestly, I think she's more relatable to most teenagers than a lot of their previous contestants. On a purely superficial note, I think she looked absolutely gorgeous tonight. I love her style. And just sitting on a stool, with simple accompaniment, she still commands the stage. The girl has all the makings to go so far. I do think she has a tendency to go nasal when she stays softer, but it was good to see her go more romantic.

9. Lee DeWyze - The bromance thing was funny. He started singing and my first thought was, Why is singing in such a high key? Then he started singing out of the side of his mouth like Kris Allen and I couldn't stop laughing. He's showing more personality, that's for sure. Smiling and enjoying the audience more. The bagpiper totally upstaged him, though.

1. Casey
2. Crystal
3. Mike

1. Aaron
2. Tim
3. Lee (though he's only here because I think it was really one of the strongest overall nights they've had so far)

WHO DO I THINK IS LEAVING? I'm not entirely sure. I know Katie and Andrew aren't as popular, but they were better than usual tonight. I have a feeling it'll be them and Tim in the bottom 3, though, if only because Lee and Aaron seem a little more popular. I'd love to be wrong.
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