Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

First off, thanks for the hugs regarding my last post. I ended up falling asleep again about 6:30 and slept for a couple more hours. No more dreams, thank goodness.

Second, please think good thoughts for my MIL. Her health hasn't been great for the last fifteen months. She started having problems when she was here for Christmas '09, with joint pain and swelling. It took nearly nine months after she got back to the UK to get her properly diagnosed, but treatment kept taking a back seat as they tried to get various things in line (like white blood cell counts). She started a chemo treatment a little while ago, but a couple weeks ago, one of her leg tendons snapped. She didn't get it treated right away because she didn't realize that was what had happened and she didn't want to interfere with her chemo. But she did, discovered what was wrong, and was waiting to get it treated.

Well, tonight, the other tendon snapped. My FIL took her to Casualty, and now we're waiting to find out what's going on. So any good thoughts would be well appreciated.

Third...okay, there's no third. I'm too tired to think of one, lol.
Tags: life

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