Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol elimination

1. Oh, god. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go? I'm 15 again. I will always associate this with Geometry. I had it 1st hour my sophomore year, and my best friend John sat next to me, and even then, I wasn't a morning person. He'd come in and annoy me by smiling and singing this damn song.

2. Showing Mike carrying the baby probably ensured enough votes to put him in the top 4 now.

3. Not surprised at all that Paige and Tim are the first two in the bottom three.

4. I fast-forwarded right over Miley. I cannot watch her.

5. Katie in the bottom 3? Huh. A little surprised by that. She was better last night than she has been.

6. ...Though the way Ryan looked at her when he walked behind them said she was safe.

7. What is it with the teenyboppers tonight? Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas? Not watching. Alicia can watch it tomorrow.

8. Thank god. There is no way the judges are going to save Paige. Absolutely none. Oh. Though maybe Simon didn't have to be quite so blunt. Why should she sing at all now? Oh, she's not going to. Well, that's okay then.
Tags: american idol

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