Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 11

1. Lee Dewyze - I think this is the most animated we've ever seen Lee. I really like this jazzed up version, too. His vocals were solid, and he seemed to actually connect with the audience this time. Excellent way to open the show.

2. Paige Miles - The beginning of this was just absolutely atrocious. Notes were wrong, it was too wavery, and she made me wish I was deaf. Her nerves just win every single time.

3. Tim Urban - After Paige, even Tim sounds good. Though he's just not sexy or interesting enough to make this look like anything more than a high school talent show performance.

4. Aaron Kelly - I cringed when I heard he was singing Aerosmith, and though it started out quite good, he lost it when he needed to open up his voice. But he's safe.

5. Crystal Bowersox - She. Is. Incomparable. I absolutely loved how she changed it up, and she had the audience - and me - eating out of the palm of her hand.

6. Michael Lynche - Not surprised by this song choice at all. For as predictable as it was, though, it was an outstanding vocal, restrained and evocative.

7. Andrew Garcia - His performance felt more than a little corny, and so uninspiring. I'm just getting so bored with him.

8. Katie Stevens - Something about her tone in this just grated with me. Every time she went big, she got sharp. But it's the most charismatic she's been in weeks.

9. Casey James - I'm not sure about this song choice. It was a solid vocal, but just not earth-shattering. I felt like I was listening to a cover band.

10. Didi Benami - Two weeks in a row, showing personality. She *performed* the song, which made up for the song choice. I think the judges were too harsh on her, though I do agree with Kara's assessment that it felt like she was playing a part.

11. Siobhan Magnus - Not her strongest vocal, but Stevie Wonder songs are *hard*. She was 100% committed to it, and a joy to watch.

1. Crystal
2. Michael
3. Lee

1. Paige
2. Tim
3. Andrew

Who do I think will go home? Paige. I think this is it for her.
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