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American Idol, top 12

1. Michael Lynche - He's definitely a performer. I had misgivings about this song at first, and I'm still not sure it's a song that should be performed as a solo rather than a group number, but he had fun with it and it didn't suck. Considering he's going first on the big stage, that might be all we can ask for.

2. Didi Benami - I think this might go down as my favorite performance of hers so far. There was a sultriness to her performance tonight that really blazed in her voice. I think I loved this.

3. Casey James - I can't figure out if I liked this or not. I didn't like the chorus, but then he'd swing into the verse and I would start to change my mind again. It felt like he was more interested in rocking out with the guitar than singing, but it's still riveting to watch.

4. Lacey Brown - It started out fine, if a little boring, but the chorus was awful, and it never recovered for me. The charm that can be found in her voice just wasn't there for me tonight.

5. Andrew Garcia - I really liked the vocal in the first half, but his very choreographed hand movements made him feel even stiffer than the too tightly controlled chorus did. The passion and power he showed in those last few notes should have been there throughout the whole song.

6. Katie Stevens - Kind of a boring performance but a very solid vocal.

7. Tim Urban - What an odd song choice. He didn't sound terrible, but there's just no kind of star quality with this guy. The utter lack of charisma and originality of his voice are going to keep him from going anywhere.

8. Siobhan Magnus - Why am I not surprised she chose this song, lol? When she's holding back and in her lower register, like in the beginning of the song, she sings through her nose. No doubt about it. But as soon as she opens up her voice, it's magical. It was a fantastic performance.

9. Lee Dewyze - Very Lee. Not his best vocal, though. That last note, especially, was very off. I'm left feeling underwhelmed.

10. Paige Miles - What is this warble in her voice? Nerves? It's completely blowing her big notes. I didn't hate it as much as I usually hate her, but it still wasn't very good. Oh. She had laryngitis? Well, that was very professional of her. OK, I'll bump my opinion up a little bit then.

11. Aaron Kelly - Oh, man. I feel guilty not liking this kid. He seems sweet, and often shows signs of having this big voice, but...I just can't connect with him. This felt very bland to me.

12. Crystal Bowersox - They announced her song choice, and I went, "Really?" I should have trusted her more, lol. But it was just such a...seamless performance. Her vocals are always spot on, and she knows how to build a song.

1. Siobhan
2. Didi (and no, I can't believe I'm saying that, either, lol)
3. Crystal

1. Tim
2. Lacey
3. Aaron

Who do I think is going home? Hm...I'm going to say Lacey. I think Tim's got the vote for the worst crowd behind him too much to leave yet, unfortunately.
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