Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bits and pieces

Thanks to everyone for the help yesterday! I had a talk with Alicia's friend's mom, which boosted my confidence, too. She was excited to learn there were sequels, too, which she hadn't known. Everyone wins.

I got my new laptop last night, and today was spent - among other things - getting all my files imported and everything customized (add-ons, passwords, other programs I use) on it. I am now posting away on it! Woo hoo! For some reason, it looks a little bit longer than my old one, so I need to make sure it fits in my laptop bag. But it's fast and clean and makes me happy. :)

Alex is sick. :( He's been fighting a cold for a couple days now, and yesterday ran a very low-grade fever for a few hours. He was better this morning, but after a meeting at his baseball coach's house, came home with a 102 fever. Alex's body temperature runs low, so that's like 103 on most people. He's all curled up on the couch, making me want to cuddle him better.
Tags: alex, life

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