Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 8 girls

1. Katie Stevens - No interview intro? That's fine. It's about the singing anyway, right? The lower key they put this into for her just didn't work. It got better with the chorus, but I just didn't enjoy listening to it. The way she slowed it down only made it worse.

2. Siobhan Magnus - What an interesting song choice. She has to worry occasionally about singing too much through her nose, but this was miles ahead of Katie. And that power...damn. She is really improving from week to week, and I honestly think she's a real contender in this whole thing.

3. Lacey Brown - I think this might have been Lacey's best performance that we've seen yet. Her voice was solid, the performance was touching, but the song was just a little boring.

4. Katelyn Epperly - For such an energetic song, this just felt really dull. That keyboard really held her back. She was just stuck there. And did it really add anything to the performance? I don't think so.

5. Didi Benami - Why is everybody so boring tonight? The song suited her voice perfectly, and it was an all right performance, but honestly, so sleepy...

6. Paige Miles - My first thought was so wow. But then her voice started breaking, like she was absolutely terrified, and the quaver only got worse as the song progressed. She can go now. Like she should have gone before.

7. Crystal Bowersox - Finally, some energy. And with a Tracy Chapman song, no less. It was all so damn real. She's absolutely outstanding.

8. Lilly Scott - I love this song. Okay, I love Patsy Cline. But as much as I love Lilly, I'm not convinced this did her the best favor. She's somewhere in the middle for me tonight.

1. Crystal
2. Siobhan
3. Lacey

1. Paige
2. Katelyn

Considering how strong the others were tonight, I really think Paige and Katelyn are in danger. And if they go, I'll be more than okay with the top 6 girls.
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