Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, next 4 eliminated

Observations as I'm watching:

1. Oh, god, Gokey is performing? I hope it's not an awful song.

2. Are they lipsynching again? Oy.

3. Tim's first? Damn it, that means he's safe. Jesus. That's got to be the stupid vote for the first thing.

4. Todrick's second?!? Oh, okay, make him stand a little bit longer, Ryan. Then get rid of him, please.

5. Or maybe not. I'm middle of the road on this one. He doesn't thrill me, so I can't say I'll miss him, but there were other guys who *really* should have gone first.

6. Andrew better not be going home, not before Jermaine or Tim. I'm hoping this is just a stupid ploy.

7. Waiting so long was agony. But at least one of the guys who deserved to go home is.

8. Looking at the rows, I'm picking Paige and Haeley to go.

9. All right, I'm just sucking at this all over the place tonight, lol.

10. I'm not going to argue with Michelle. She's gorgeous and commercial, but she's been a weak.

11. Haeley! Finally! 2 out of 4 tonight, not too bad, and I can't say I'm crying about the other two, unlike last week, lol. Though it was very hard to watch her sing. She was a sweet girl, and clearly well loved by the others.

If I had to pick the top 12 at this point:

1. Lee
2. Andrew
3. Casey
4. Michael
5. Aaron
6. Alex
7. Lilly
8. Crystal
9. Siobhan
10. Katie
11. Katelyn
12. Lacey (because I want her to be wonderful, not because of what she's done already)
Tags: american idol

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