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Sleep is a mom's best friend

I'm feeling so damn chirpy this morning, it's probably a good thing none of you are in the near vicinity because I think I'd annoy the crap out of you. :)

Yesterday turned out to be a great day all around, but probably not for reasons anyone would think. I spent the largest bulk of it working on house stuff---scrubbing and clearing out the big bathroom, sorting/cleaning Alicia's bedroom, rearranging our coat/scarf/shoe solution (which required moving furniture up and downstairs)---and found myself completely knackered at 8pm. I begged Craig to go to the grocery store for me and ended up in bed at 9:30, sleeping through until 6:30 this morning. And I woke up so refreshed and feeling alive that I just can't help but walk around this morning with a smile on my face.

It's OK. I annoy me too, sometimes. :D

But I love when I get lots of stuff done, especially organizational stuff. There's more on the agenda today, so fingers crossed I have another good one.

There won't be a chapter today because I didn't accomplish any more writing after I posted yesterday, but there will be one tomorrow. The next 3 or 4 are very plotty and probably not hugely long, so writing them will be quick. I'm bad because I keep sneaking in research on the post-Chosen fic that I want to do---bad, because it's 3rd on the agenda after Rook. I keep scribbling down notes so that I won't lose them, but the stupid first chapter is practically written already. But I'm sticking to my agenda. After Rook---Promise of Frost, my as-yet-untitled William fic, and then the post-Chosen fic. Then after that, in some order, there's the Napa AU, my S6 babyfic, the Rook sequel, and the Vegas fic with Wesley. And of course in the middle of all that is the W/W stuff I've been dabbling in. Which I really should update sometime soon because it's been almost a month. And my original stuff is in there as well, of course.

I'm going to die writing Spuffy. I can see it coming.

And can you believe it? I've broken 400 nominations at LLG, and have another half dozen to add that got sent in yesterday. And I've decided that running an awards site is a reader's wet dream. I've read a ton of fics that I hadn't before---for varying reasons---and found some new favorites. I had thought I was mostly caught up with the judging for myself (I only had a dozen stories left to read) but this new batch of nominees has put me closer to 20 again. Good thing nominations only last until the 15th and I have until the 30th to finish the scoring. :)

And Craig says I should reiterate that it's a good thing none of you are victim to my presence this morning. He seems to think chirpy is an understatement.

Hope everyone has a great day! :D

ETA: And does anyone know why my mood themes aren't coming up? This is the first one I've had that someone's made, so I don't know the mechanics of it. Does this mean it's offline and I have to change it?

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