Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 10 boys

1. Michael Lynche - The musical theater background surprised me a little bit, and I'm embarrassed to admit that. Considering how theatrical he got tonight, I'm not now, lol. His vocals were a *ton* stronger this week, but I don't think the song choice was the greatest. Then again, I'm not really a James Brown fan. Still, a really solid performance. He definitely deserves to be around longer, and I'll bet he makes the top 12.

2. John Park - First off, much better strong choice than last week. I can't say I'm a John Mayer fan, but this was more well suited to his voice. However, it still felt a little pitchy in the first half, and I don't think he has the presence to really command the stage.

3. Casey James - Casey, stop smiling so much while you perform. It's cheesy. And I find myself comparing his performance to Bo Bice's, and having it fall short. He doesn't have the strength/power in his voice to do this.

4. Alex Lambert - Somebody cut this boy's hair. And get him a personal dresser. And I do hate this current trend in boy's hair with it swept forward long and across their foreheads. It was a better performance than last week, that's for sure. I think having his guitar as a crutch really helped him focus. I still don't care for him, but I didn't hate this.

5. Todrick Hall - I'm not sure I would have slowed this down as much as he did. For a guy with as much personality as he has, the whole thing felt kind of blah.

6. Jermaine Sellers - I like him so much more as a person than as a singer. His interview was actually quite charming, but...his vocals felt all over the place again. He needs to go home this week.

7. Andrew Garcia - I just love the tone of his voice, and I think he is by far the most consistent, most solid of the guys performing. The song was a little lowkey for me, though.

8. Aaron Kelly - Was there a quaver in his voice tonight? It certainly sounded like it. It all sounded a little muddy to me. He's better than this. Who did the judges hear? Not the boy I did.

9. Tim Urban - He seems like a nice guy. He does. I just think he's so outclassed this year. This was better than last week, but it was just so boring. Every time they did a long shot of the judges, you could see they weren't even paying much attention to him. Home, Tim. You had your second chance, and this will give you fodder with the girls for a few years to come, but really, you need to be done.

10. Lee Dewyze - You know, he's really growing on me. I think he might be a real dark horse in this competition. This was my favorite performance of the night by a long shot. What a great way to end the show.

1. Lee
2. Michael
3. Andrew

1. Jermaine
2. Tim

Jermaine and Tim. They're both outclassed. Then, next week, we can get rid of Todrick and John. Yes, I know I said those two last week, lol. Eventually I'll be right. ;)
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