Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, 1st 4 eliminated

1. Man, I don't miss these group numbers.

2. Haeley's safe? Blech.

3. Janell fell because of the plethora of pretty blondes. She wasn't the worst. She should have stuck around at least another week.

4. Alison's lost weight. She looks fantastic, though the song was kind of lame.

5. Paige is staying? Man, I am not liking these eliminations.

6. Yay! Lacey gets another shot!

7. Ashley is leaving? Damn. She had such a strong voice and look. She just had a lousy performance.

8. Tim is only safe because America feels sorry for him.

9. Man, Tyler is going home?!? I'd figured he would hold on longer.

10. Damn. I didn't get any of those. And I'm a little annoyed by at least two of these.

11. I'm hugely amused that they played a song by Will Young over the goodbye clips, lol.
Tags: american idol

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