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American Idol, top 12 girls

1. Paige Miles - We haven't seen anything of this girl yet, so it'll be interesting to see what she does here. But from the first notes, I wasn't impressed. She sounded off throughout the whole song. I don't think those last couple notes saved her. I don't know why Simon loves her. Or why any of them, actually.
2. Ashley Rodriguez - I loved Ashley in the auditions, though we didn't see her very much during Hollywood week. However, I was really disappointed in this performance. Just like with Paige, she sounded off throughout the whole thing, but I still like her more than the first girl.
3. Janell Wheeler - What is it with the girls tonight? Everybody sounds off. And it's not just me. Nobody in my family has liked any of the three so far. She just felt so...bland.
4. Lilly Scott - So much more solid than the girls who came before her. I would never have envisioned this song so...sultry, but damn, did it work for her. Loved it.
5. Katelyn Epperly - I didn't think she deserved to be in top 12, especially when someone like Angela didn't get through. But she certainly hit more notes than some of the others who sang before her. I can't say that I like her now, but she held her own tonight, that's for sure.
6. Haeley Vaughn - I did not like this arrangement. At all. Though she had some nice notes in there at least. She'll probably be somewhere in the middle for me.
7. Lacey Brown - I don't think she picked a good song for her voice, and yeah, she was clearly nervous, but it worked for me. There's an ethereal quality to her singing that I just adore.
8. Michelle Delamor - I don't remember seeing her at all until she got picked for the top 24, and I think a girl as beautiful as this would be remembered. Her performance? Meh. My first thought was, "Why did she slow this song down even more?" It wasn't nearly as good as the original, and I didn't think it was very outstanding at all. Safe.
9. Didi Benami - I'm probably severely dating myself by saying I didn't recognize this song. *hangs head in shame* And...I didn't like it. She reminds me of Megan Joy from last year, and she bored me to tears with this.
10. Siobhan Magnus - I hate this song. With a passion. Hated it when it was released, and cringe when I hear it now. It felt like an odd choice for her, because this girl can really belt, and she never did. However...I liked it for some weird reason.
11. Crystal Bowersox - This girl gives me goosebumps. I'd buy her album based on just what we've seen so far. If she doesn't make it to top 4, something is seriously wrong.
12. Katie Stevens - She's got a sophistication to her voice that belies her age. I do find myself getting annoyed at how much the show is pimping her, but the truth is, she *is* good. She had a few dodgy notes, but she's got power and a very rich tone, and I think she'll go far.

1. Crystal
2. Katie
3. Lilly

1. Didi
2. Paige

Um...I'm actually unsure. The judges pimped people I would never think they'd pimp. I do think Paige will go if only because she was first, she wasn't phenomenal, and she's had no air time. As for the second...god, I just don't know. If I have to pick? I fear it's Lacey.
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