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My thoughts on the top 24

Thanks to everyone for making me realize I'm not alone. I'm feeling much better today. I spent the day stretched out flat on my stomach, laptop on the floor ahead of me, which keeps stress off the joints. Plus, it was really productive, so I felt good about that.

But you don't want to hear me talk about that. I don't want to talk about that.

I want to talk about the American Idol Top 24. :D

First off, I do not agree with some of these choices, but then again, the judges see more than we do, and the real tests don't start until next week when we get to see entire performances. But going into the first week of semi's, these are my thoughts.

1. Andrew Garcia. Love him. LOVE HIM. His arrangement of "Straight Up"? Made me love that song. That, considering how much I hate that song because of how much it got overplayed when I was in college, says a lot.

2. Tyler Grady. Another one I love, though I wonder if it's more the image I love. I'm very curious to see how he's going to perform next week.

3. Alex Lambert. Don't like. He reminds me of that obnoxious guy who plays Hannah Montana's older brother. Yes, I have a 10 y/o daughter. It's required I know this information.

4. Joe Munoz. Don't know him. Don't have an opinion.

5. John Park. I vaguely remember him from auditions. I seem to remember the judges loving him. That's...all I remember.

6. Jermaine Sellers. Really? Really? They picked this guy and let the 17 y/o with the huge voice go? I don't get it, I really don't.

7. Lee Dewyze. He's got an interesting voice. I'm not sure how memorable he is.

8. Aaron Kelly. The cute teenybopper choice, though at least he has a voice.

9. Casey James. Pretty. Very pretty. I'd ask him to take his hair down and his shirt off, too. Oh, and he can sing, too, but I mentioned pretty, right?

10. Todrick Hall. Another pretty boy, with a pleasant voice, but I don't know if he's got the legs to last.

11. Michael Lynche. I think he got through on his personality. Which I love, don't get me wrong, but if he makes top 12, it'll be because of that and not his voice.

12. Tim Urban. The replacement. I'll bet he doesn't last.

13. Crystal Bowersox. I think she's brilliant. I love how edgy she is, how much she loves her work, how real. I want her to go far.

14. Janell Wheeler. I think she's going to get lost with all the pretty blondes in the top 24 this year.

15. Lacey Brown. I didn't remember much from her from last year, but when they played her singing over the others getting yeses, I was just in love with it. I'd love to see her do well.

16. Michelle Delamor. I don't remember her. I don't think that bodes well.

17. Siobhan Magnus. A strong, edgy voice. I liked her. I can see her in the top 12.

18. Paige Miles. The judges seemed to love her, but we never saw her, did we? I don't remember her at all.

19. Ashley Rodriguez. I think she's been a shoo-in since auditions. She's pretty, she's polished, and she can sing.

20. Lilly Scott. I like her jazzy sound and her different look. I wonder if America will like her, too.

21. Katie Stevens. Strong vocals. Cute. Marketable. She's definitely top 12.

22. Haeley Vaughn. I'm borderline on her. I think they let her through instead of Jessica Furney because she's not as intense and more smiley. I don't think her vocals will hold.

23. Didi Benami. She made Kara's song sound good. If any of the cute blondes should make the top 12, it's her.

24. Katelyn Epperly. Another one I don't understand how she made it through. Except she's pretty.

If I had to pick my top 12 now? 6 boys, 6 girls:

1. Andrew Garcia
2. Tyler Grady
3. Casey James
4. Aaron Kelly
5. Todrick Hall
6. John Park
7. Crystal Bowersox
8. Lacey Brown
9. Siobhan Magnus
10. Ashley Rodriguez
11. Lilly Scott
12. Katie Stevens
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