Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Some days, you just feel old

Some days, you just feel old.

I'm double-jointed, which until recently has always been a positive thing. I had increased flexibility to make up for lack of other athletic skills, I could get comfortable in awkward situations, I could twist and bend to do almost anything I wanted. That also means I've spent my entire life contorting all my joints. I find it next to impossible to sit up straight in a chair with both legs straight in front of me. I would much rather sprawl on the floor than use a piece of furniture. Until recently, that never presented a problem.

Now, however...well, time catches up with you, doesn't it? I started having problem with my hip off and on a few years ago doing cons. All the walking around and standing on concrete floors started to really bother it. But it wasn't constant, and I didn't abuse it, and the pain always went away. When it started getting worse, I went to the doctor to make sure nothing serious was going on, but the xrays came up with nothing. No arthritis, either, which is what I was really worried about. I learned what not to do to exacerbate it, it eased up, and life went on.

The past few months have been rough. It's not my hip, though that still occasionally bothers me. It's weird joints like my elbows. I finally figured out that was because I was sleeping with my arm folded under my head. So I make conscious efforts not to fall asleep like that, except I invariably move into that position in my sleep. The past couple weeks, I've gotten so aware of the pain that I'm waking up every time I need to roll over - much like when I was pregnant and ultra aware of my bump - just so I can reposition myself in the least painful way possible.

Tylenol arthritis helps a little bit. Not a lot. Heat helps, too. Again, not a lot. Sometimes, it feels like I never rested at all when I get out of bed.

And on days like that, man, do I feel twice my age.
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