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I is a tired widdle puppy.

We were up and out of the house by 8am this morning and spent most of the day at the mall. Finally got my hair cut so feel much better about that. Also found some great bargains---a couple tops, some pyjamas, a book, some accessories, and some gifty things for certain someones.

Got home at around 5 and promptly had to clear out the car, take care of all the shopping---including the grocery shopping we had done on the way home---and fix dinner for the crew. I had huge plans for this evening, sitting and writing the next Rook chapter in peace and quiet, and spent the last hour or so getting caught up on e-mail and reading and such. And now here it is, 7:30pm, and I'm absolutely knackered. When did I turn into such an old fogey?

I'm fighting it, though. I bought 2 cans of Mountain Dew from the candy store at the mall that imports American products (only 2 cans because a) it's not diet, and b)they're $2 a can, so this is a special when-we-go-to-the-mall treat only kind of thing), and I'm drinking one in hopes the caffeine will perk me up. Going to bed before 10 is a waste because I'll just be up at 4am if I do, so I have to find something to keep me going. I'm lacking the concentration span to do any reading, and hand/eye coordination is absolutely zero right now for playing Xbox. I *really* want it to be writing that happens tonight.

And on a side note from that, would you believe another bunny came up and found me today? I must wear a sign that says "Spuffy writer in search of inspiration" or something. I'm never going to escape. ;)

Damn. That can of Dew lasted all of 4 minutes. Not a good sign.

Enough of me whinging. Off to do something about it.

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