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Rook update and stuff

Well, courtesy of Craig's casual rearrangement of my schedule today, I'm updating in the afternoon instead of the morning. But, here it is, chapter 39 of Rook. The outline is showing 6 chapters left at this point, so Rook will be done some time in the next couple weeks. Then, I'm back to the vampire Spike and Slayer Buffy in season 4 with my next fic, Promise of Frost

Bought my gold ticket for Vulkon last night, and now have the pain of having to wait until August before I can meet up with some great people for the first time. I tried to get a platinum ticket, but they were sold out in less than 9 minutes, though I managed to get through at 14 after the hour. Crazy, I know, and I have to admit to being very disappointed, but I got in quickly with the gold, so I should still be all right for being up close. I'm really looking forward to it.

And I'm comforting myself tomorrow with retail therapy. Alex is old enough to go to the creche now, so Craig and I can shop in peace without any kids in tow. Yay!

I was totally shocked this morning to learn just how strong the pound is against the dollar right now. I had to transfer some funds to our American checking account so that I could pay my student loan, and found out that £1=$1.77 today. That's better than when we first moved over here, and quite a relief after seeing it drop to £1=$1.25 at one point. It totally worked in my favor with the Vulkon tix, too, which is why I'm debating getting a second photo op with James before the rate starts dropping. We're looking into paying off my loan once and for all while it's in our favor. It would be such a relief not to have to worry about it any more.

Oh, and is there anyone on my friends list who can direct me to some Tru Calling icons? I found a few, but with my time being so limited, I'm hoping others might be able to help me out.

Have a good one people! :)

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