Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Ah, I feel so much better today. It's amazing the difference. I just don't understand my stupid hormones and body sometimes.

That being said, I've gotten nothing done today. Craig worked from home, and with the livecast of Apple's announcement this morning, we kept getting distracted talking about it, and then other stuff, and then other stuff than that. Oh, and yes, I really want an iPad now (though all the jokes about women not being involved in the naming flummoxes me because a) I don't think they're funny, and b) the correlation never ever occurred to me until it got pointed out).

I did manage to get registration done for the two conventions I'm going to this year. Writing cons, not fandom cons. So I suppose that's something.

Oh, and I guess I better go work on dinner for the family now. Oops, lol.
Tags: life

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