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Thank you and a belated Happy New Year

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support of my reorganization. :) It means a tremendous amount to me that people understand how I need to do this for awhile; I'd been quite anxious about it since reaching the decision a couple days ago.

And because I didn't get around to saying it yesterday, Happy New Year to all my LJ friends and I hope that 2004 brings you joy. :) I didn't even make it to midnight, unfortunately. I spent so much time yesterday working and cleaning that I crashed at 11:15. Oh well. :) Today looks to be just as busy, but at least Craig's home to help.

And the next Rook chapter should be up tomorrow. I didn't write anything yesterday because of all the stuff that needed to get done but it's scheduled for today, so posting tomorrow morning looks to be good. (And in case it isn't obvious yet, most of my online stuff---updating, responding to LJ, and the like---is going to be happening first thing in the morning for me as this is when I have Craig to help with the kids.)

Again, Happy New Year! :)

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