Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Ups and downs and pretty art

Today started out well, with the family going out to breakfast before hitting Safeway for the weekly shop. I got to come back and hide away for a few hours then while my roast did its magic in the oven, and then, after dinner... phbtttttttttt.

Something didn't agree with me, and I've been nauseous and cramping and sick for the past four hours. Part of me is hoping it's just regular cramps, because I'm late starting but god do I feel miserable.

On top of that, there's so much stupidity in American schools, it just gives me a headache. I mean, really? Pulling dictionaries from classrooms? Because their educations aren't already crippled enough?!?


On the positive side, recoding for the new LLG design is proceeding well. I finished Rook last night and started Charms today, and discovered that I'd already cleaned up a lot of that code! Woo hoo! That means I'll blast right through Charms, and get right up into the two Huntverse stories, which will *hopefully* be the last of the truly awful code. The plan is to upload the new design as soon as the Spuffy stuff is done, then add in the non-Spuffy stuff afterward (since that's what people are most accustomed to finding on my site). The first of the stories that will go up will be my Wesley/Willow fic, "Delicate." And I have new art for it! Made for me by the fantastic katekat1010:

I had to share it now instead of waiting. :)

OK, off to go and try and finish the last chapter of the book I wanted to have done by today. I know what has to happen in it, but it's hard to concentrate when you feel like crap.
Tags: delicate, fic, life, llg, news, writing

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