Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Today has been a family day. We were out the door at 10am to pick up Alicia from her sleepover, then off to the movie theater to see Avatar. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The message is heavyhanded, sure, but it was gorgeous to watch and I got involved enough to more than once get upset at what was happening.

The sun had been out when we let, absolutely gorgeous with not a hint of cloud, but in the time we were in the movie theater, the rains had opened. We raced home to let Lucy back into the house and cuddle her with apologies about having got stuck outside, then went out again for lunch/dinner at a local diner where they do real cherry cokes and have garlic fries to die for. Then a few errands, and back home to crash. I've been getting other stuff done, but am finally getting to a point where I can actually get some work done, lol. Still, it was a fantastic day with the family, and luckily, there are a ton of movies out right now we can take the kids to. Though I am going to find a way to go see Sherlock Holmes before it disappears on me. :P
Tags: life

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