Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

General Hospital

GH is killing me...

Every time Dante and Lulu get on screen together, I drop everything else to watch them. The look on his face today when she was talking about being so close to everything you've ever wanted and not being able to get it? Oh. My. God.

For the record, I hate Michael. With the passion of a thousand fiery suns. He's a spoiled rotten brat, just like he always before, and now doesn't have the excuse of his age to justify it. Oh, wait, there's the coma, that's right, let's use that as an excuse to make him the most selfish character to ever come to Port Charles. And considering how selfish Sonny is, that's saying a lot.

I am not looking forward to Dante finding the truth out about Sonny. My heart breaks for how that's going to hurt his relationship with Olivia.

OK, I'm a Dante fangirl. So sue me.

Then, there's Lucky. Three months ago, I was rooting for Elizabeth and Nicholas because GV's Lucky wasn't interesting enough for me to care. But then JJ came along, and my hope got all up for the old chemistry between him and Elizabeth, but you know what? She is being so godawful in this whole mess, that I hope he dumps her for good this time. She and Nicholas deserve each other. Because just looking at Lucky now makes me want to hug it all away.

Mini comments:

Any scene with Diane=PURE GOLD
Maxie pressuring Spinelli to have an affair=SO OVER IT
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