Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

And the rains go on

The rains continue here in the Bay Area, and while it's hardly pleasant out, I have it better than people closer to the bay. The nice part of it is the various reservoirs are already nearing their capacity, which is excellent news. My county was at 78% two days ago, and we still have a lot of rain on the horizon. So there is some good amongst the bad.

I'm being productive today, though. I found the answers to my plot problems late last night and this morning, and that means I can finish this current project by the end of the weekend like I wanted. That's excellent news for me because I have another project due by the end of March I have to get cracking on, lol. And then another one due at the end of April.

Speaking of writing, remember sadbhyl's pirate fic? Well, she rewrote and pubbed it as original with Linden Bay a few years ago, but they got sold last year and she got the rights back. It has been re-released with Liquid Silver, and I'm giving a copy away to a lucky reader over at the Jamie Craig LJ. Pop on over and leave a comment to try and win! :)
Tags: giveaway, life, writing

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