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Project Runway

I have never watched this show before. I might be one of the few in the country, it feels like, lol. But I recorded it last night since it was the first of the season to give it a shot. I mean, I watch ANTM, I watch how many other competition reality shows, and even if I'm not model material, or 20 years old, or free to ignore the fact that I'm a stay-at-home mom more comfortable in jeans, I do love looking at clothes.

So I'm in for the duration, I think.

Thoughts from last night? Emilio's was my favorite, as soon as she stepped out on the runway. If I was young and single, hell yes I'd be all over that dress. I wouldn't know a thing about his technique that they kept commenting on, but I certainly have opinions about the rest of it. The colors and patterns popped without being obnoxious, the skirt was flirty and flowed like a dream, and the top was gorgeously cut.

Other favorites...

I thought they were right about Seth's dress being funky and head to toe. I loved the back and cut, but I didn't care for the bodice or neckline, really.

I liked the *idea* of Jesse's tweed, tailored ensemble, but it didn't look like it fit properly. Still, I think I'm going to watch him.

Ones I didn't like...

Mila's weird coat/suit. I didn't like the way the fabrics went together, or the cut of the coat.

Anthony. The fabric was gorgeous, Anthony is a hoot, but that dress...just no.

And of course, Christiane. She completely deserved to go home. Color isn't enough for a dress.

So, yes. I'll be watching next week.
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