Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Tids and bits

I know there are a few photographers on my list. I thought of them when I saw NPR's write-up last week on Matt Nager. He creates photograph montages for viewing on the iPhone, and there's some really amazing work there.

We finally hooked up the Wii Fit yesterday. I'm a tad sore. Apparently, I'm a little competitive. Who knew? ;)

I'm dragging like crazy today. I couldn't fall asleep last night, and then had to get up this morning. Five hours of sleep is just not enough for me. It also means I'm doing everything but what I'm supposed to. I have "Square Pegs" on, and shaking my head at how many memories it brings back. Though it's kind of creepy because one of the teachers reminds me of my ex-husband. I do remember why I had such a crush on Johnny, though. He's so adorable.

Oh! I finally got around to watching something off my Netflix queue last night. "Possession." I have the book on my TBR pile, and I'd heard mixed things about the movie, but man, did it hit some of my kinks. Hard. Victorian poets? Longing looks? *sigh* And Jeremy Northam is so pretty in it. I might actually have to own this one.
Tags: life, pimp, tv

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