Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I hope all my American friends had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good, spent with good friends who made the meal effortless and the day relaxing. We had a lazy day in today, too. Alicia isn't well, having lost her voice from the cold she's fighting now, so we decided to make do with in-house entertainment. Movies, games, leftovers, fun. The tree is up, but we're waiting on decorating to let the cats get used to having it around. We didn't want to decorate it and then find it tipped over the first night they're left alone with it, lol.

I'm going to start my Christmas cards at the end of next week, so this will be my last call for one. If you haven't already commented, just head on over to my card post and do so. I want to spread Christmas cheer!

Craig's mother is in the hospital with something viral. She probably could have fought it under normal circumstances, but she's been on various drug protocols the past year to try and fix the joint thing that attacked her last Christmas, and her immune system is compromised as a result. She's going to be fine - they're letting her out on Monday, most likely - but she can't come here for Christmas. Which means the FIL isn't coming, either. It'll be the first Christmas the kids have had without their grandparents there. I feel a little guilty, because there's nobody else to come to try and fill our house, but the kids understand. It's still a loss, though. Hopefully, they'll be able to come in January or February to make up for it.
Tags: christmas, family, thanksgiving

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